Padmanath Gohainbaruah School of Humanities

About School

The School of Humanities at Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University has been named after the great litterateur and first President of Assam Xahitya Sabha, Padmanath Gohainbaruah. There are mainly three disciplines under this School-Assamese, English and Sanskrit. The Humanities which mostly deal with Literature, Philosophy and History—provide the learners with the much needed stuff to discuss and explore the human experiences. Therefore, studies in the Humanities can help the learners understand the world as a whole, the society they live in while also exploring the minds of the individuals in different periods of human history through critical and interpretative methods of analysis. Besides, the Humanities also offer a window to the different cultures, help us appreciate the people and societies and promote tolerance so that cultural differences can be appreciated. With these objectives, the Padmanath Gohainbaruah School of Humanities will keep promoting the cause of languages and cultures through a number of Undergraduate, Post Graduate, Diploma and Certificate Programmes, under the existing disciplines, so that they suit the learning needs of the 21st century learners.