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Objectives & Motto

Motto :

The very purpose of establishment of the University is to promote education that reaches the unreached through the Open and Distance Learning system and the motto of the University is ‘Education Beyond Barriers’ of age, academic background and geographical boundaries.

The main objectives of the University are:

  • To provide access to higher education to large segments of the population, and in particular the disadvantaged groups such as those living in remote and rural areas including working people, housewives and other adults who wish to upgrade or acquire knowledge through studies in various fields.
  • To provide opportunities for higher education to a larger segment of the population, including those who are unable to pursue higher education at the appropriate time due to one reason or the other.
  • To strengthen and diversify the degree, diploma and certificate courses related to the needs of employment and necessary for building the economy of the country on the basis of its natural and human resources.
  • To contribute towards the improvement of the educational system in the State by providing a non-formal channel that is complementary to the formal system of education.
  • To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge through diversified means including the use of Information and Communication Technology.
  • To provide education and training in order to develop skills in the various arts and crafts together with raising their quality and improving their availability to the people.
  • To provide counselling and guidance to the learners.