Maniram Dewan School of Management

About School

Maniram Dewan School of Management of Krishna Kanta Handiqui State Open University offers a number of UG (BBA and B. Com.), PG (M. Com. and MBA) and Diploma programmes (PGDBM, PGDHRM and PGDSMM) in addition to M.Phil. and Ph.D. programmes. The two disciplines under this School are– Commerce and Management. The School has been named after the great pioneer of freedom struggle and independent entrepreneur Maniram Dewan.
Maniram Dewan (April 27, 1806 - February 26, 1858) worked for Indianisation two and half centuries back. He played a highly significant role in building Assam’s/India's economic prospect of tea by navigating his business interest in a tumultuous socio-political environment. The managerial lessons from Maniram Dewan’s principles and practices are still relevant in the LPG era. He deserves to be regarded as the first CEO of India. He stands as a unique example of a 19thcentury administrator/manager/business leader/CEO who applied contextual intelligence to a variety of complex decision making situations.