Admission Procedure

A learner may take admission in any academic programme offered by KKHSOU at any of its study centre spread throughout the state of Assam provided that the study centre offers the programme as desired by the learner. The University does not possess any study centre beyond its territorial jurisdiction of the State of Assam as per the UGC norms.

For admission to a programme, a learner has to visit University ’s website : Admission to all programmes will be through the online portal. The details of the admission procedure is available in the University website. One can refer to admission steps section of this web page for instruction to fill up online admission form. A learner is to submit all relevant documents for admission through the online admission portal for further verification. The learner will receive the e-SLM through mail immediately after verification.

The eligibility criteria for admission to various academic programmes is mentioned in admission steps section of this webpage. A learner’s enrollment will be confirmed only after verification of online application form by the University.

To appear in the examinations, confirmation of enrollment will be necessary. The course fee is to be paid through credit card/ debit card/ net banking or any other available online mode.

All the enrolled learners will be provided with registration cum identity cards.

Those learners who are unable to complete the programme within the specified maximum period will be required to register themselves afresh by paying the requisite fee as per the University regulations.

Following the completion of online admission, a learner is able to collect the hard copies of Self Learning Materials (SLMs) from his/her respective study centre by submitting the print out of the application form. The learner will get the e-SLM in the email after the verification of the online admission form. Morever E- SLMs are available in the University Website and Mobile App. There is also a provision for a learner to attend the counselling sessions at the study centre in which he/she is enrolled.

The learner is requested to collect the SLMs from the respective study centre after taking the online admission so that he/she can start his/her study immediately. In subsequent semesters also, the learner has to take online admission through University’s website and have to collect the SLMs from the respective study centre at the earliest. The SLM section of the University generally used to despatch 110% of SLMs( based on previous year enrollment) in advance for new admission in the first semester of all programmes and 90% of SLMs for subsequent semesters. Hence, all the learners have to take admission in the stipulated period to avoid delay in receiving SLMs.

A candidate unable to take admission in the first semester of a programme on or before the specified date, may take admission by paying a late fine of Rs. 200/- within the extended period, as and when announced by the University.

The maximum duration of the different academic programmes offered by the University are as follows :

ProgrammesDuration of the ProgrammeMaximum time period for completion of Programme
Master's Degree Programme (of four semesters) :
[MA, MSW and M.Sc. (IT) and M.Com.]
2 years Maximum of 6 years
PG Diploma/Diploma Programme 1 year Maximum of 4 years
Certificate Programme 6 months Maximum of 2 years

Refusal/Cancellation of Admission

Notwithstanding anything contained in this webpage, the University reserves the right to refuse/cancel admission of any individual if any discrepancy is found in the verification of admission form.

Continuous Admission

After completion of a particular Semester, a learner is required to take admission in the next Semester simply by paying the necessary fees within one month of the last examination date of the previous Semester. Admission in subsequent Semester does not depend on the results of the earlier semester. One may take admission in the next Semester even without appearing in the previous Semester examination. Admission should be taken continuously in all Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes without any break. A learner will be allowed to appear in all the examinations including back papers within the stipulated time of a programme.

A learner is required to pay a fine of Rs. 300/- if he or she applies for admission to the next Semester after the expiry of one month.

On special consideration, a learner may be allowed to take admission in the next Semester even beyond the two months time but before the issue of notification of the examination of that Semester by the University on valid grounds and on payment of a fine of Rs. 500.

A learner may, however, be allowed to take admission even after that period without any fine, but he or she will be allowed to appear in examination of that Semester in the next year only.


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