Admission shall be through Study Centres only, spread all over the state. (list enclosed in this booklet)
Application accompanied with the Course and other fee in the form of Bank Draft drawn in favour of “Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University’ payable at Guwahati along with relevant enclosures is required to be submitted at the recognized Study Centre well within the due date.
The Study Centre will scrutinize the application forms as per the norms and qualifications required for each programme.
After scrutiny the eligible applicants will be provisionally admitted by the study centre . Intending learners with incomplete application may be given conditional enrolment at the University’s discretion with the condition that required eligibility documents are to be submitted latest by the dates prescribed for the purpose. Their enrolment will be confirmed on fulfillment of eligibility requirements. To appear in the examinations, confirmation of enrolment will be necessary.
All the enrolled learners will be provided with the registration number, programme guidelines and identity cards.
Those learners who are unable to complete the programme within the specified validity period will be required to register themselves afresh by paying the requisite fee as per the University regulations.

Refusal/Cancellation of Admission :

Notwithstanding, anything contained in this prospectus, the University reserves the right to refuse/cancel admission of any individual.

Migration/Transfer Certificate :

The University shall not insist for any migration/Transfer Certificate for enrollment in this University. However, the University shall issue migration/transfer certificate on application.

Support Services:

Self Learning Material:

Self Learning Materials are specially designed by teams of experts drawn from relevant areas to meet the learners’ demand. These will be provided to the learners through the Study Centres. Self Learning Materials are prepared in English and Assamese for the Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMC), Bachelor of Commerce (B. Com) and Bachelor of Arts (BA), and learners will have to give their options on choice of Language for Study Materials. The learning materials for the Bachelor of
Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) will be supplied in English only. Besides the study materials in printed form, the university continuously prepares
the Audio and Video programmes reelected the course contents of various subjects those are provided to the Study Centres. In Audio format as well as the Audio-visual format for the benefit of the learners. The Study Centre will make this facility available for the learners in some counselling season in time to time.

Study Centres:

Study Centres provide learners with a platform to interact with counselors, other learners and also to use library. Learners will receive personal attention and support at the Study Centres. The Study Centres will provide counseling and hands-on-experience (as may be necessary). These centres will act as the access and contact points between the learners and the University.


There will be counselling sessions arranged in the Study Centres for all the Degree Courses. All counselling sessions will be held on Sundays only. There will be at least 30 nos. of counselling sessions for each of the papers offered as may be notified by the respective Study Centres. Practical sessions, wherever necessary, shall not be confined to Sundays only.


The examination will be conducted as per the University's guidelines and the examination centres will be allotted by the University itself. The learners have to be ready to take their examination in the Examination Centres as may be decided by the University. The question papers of BMC, B. Com and B A Programmes will be printed both in English and Assamese. The question papers of BCA and BBA programmes will be printed in English only. Out of the total marks alloted in a paper 80% will be for term end examination and 20% will be for assignment. Subjects once passed will be credited against the learners and they need not appear for the same subject again. As soon as a learner passes in all the required subjects, as given in a table later, within the specified duration, will qualify for the degree.