Welcome to Banikanta Kakati Research Institute

Research and Development is an important dimension of a University's academic pursuits. An academic organization remains incomplete in the absence of proper research activities. Keeping this in mind, all the research activities are brought under the purview of the Institute of Research which has been named after a great researcher of the region, Dr.Banikanta Kakati. Professor Abu Naser Sayed Ahmed is the Director of the said Institute.

Activities under BKRI (2017)

Current activities and programmes under the BKRI:

1. A research study, with the financial assistance from an external source, on the Assam Assembly elections 2016 has been completed. The draft report has been submitted to the Vice Chancellor for his kind information. The report has been now under revision and will be sent to a New Delhi based publisher for publication. It will come out in a book form in November 2017.

2. Dr. Gautam Mazumdar of the Cotton College delivered a talk on the legacy of Kenneth J. Arrow, a Nobel laureate, who has passed away recently at the age of 94.

3. The publication of a research Journal named Journal of Area Studies (JAS) has been initiated. The Editorial Board has been constituted and requests for papers have been made. Meanwhile, three contributors have mailed their research articles for the publication in the Journal.

4. An annual lecture programme has been conceptualized to commemorate the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Banikanta Kakati. Dr. Jaimini Bhagwati, former Indian High Commissioner in the UK, has kindly agreed to deliver a talk on India and her neighbours on November 15, 2017. On this occasion, the first volume of Journal of Area Studies will be released along with three working papers.

5. A study on the problems of Government schools has been started. Already two brainstorming discussions on the proposal were organized. The collection of secondary data from different sources has been started.

6. A research proposal on Wahhabi/Salafi outreach has been prepared and submitted to an external funding organization for financial support. The proposal has been presented in a seminar on June 16, 2017 in New Delhi. An informal communication confirming the approval of the proposal has been received. A formal communication to that effect is being awaited.

7. The BKRI has taken initiative to undertake a study in the next year on the process of democratization in Bhutan under the ‘Area Study Programme’. The concept note has been developed and will be submitted for securing external funding.